Pro-dab cannabis oil

Pro-dab cannabis oil

At Pro-dab, we worry about one thing: quality.

The Pro-dab stamp of approval means a lot. So, to ensure we're offering the very best cannabis vape cartridges on the market, we lab-test, taste-test, and potency check.

Each of our oils gets the stamp of approval on the packaging, along with California mandated white labeling.

About Pro-dab

Pro-dab started in 2000, and it has been a familiar clothing and cannabis vape pen logo through-out California. However, it is most known in San Diego, its home-base.

Pro-dab has built its name on the culture surrounding all things dab and has now expanded to vapable cannabis oil.

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Silver Edition

Currently, we offer 5 of the most-loved strains for our silver edition. Don't worry, we've got more on the way!